we're moving!

It's been a while in arriving, but we have finally moved ourselves back into Leeds City Centre.

Our new home is the FABULOUS 3 Albion Place, One of Leedsí most historic buildings. 3 Albion Place has been a hidden gem at the heart of the city for over 150 years and has undergone recent renovations making it the perfect place for us to base our Yorkshire Operations. The move allows us the flexibility we need for the growth we have seen in 2011 so far and are planning for the rest of the year and 2012.

Placing ourselves in the very heart of the regions we serve has always been a 'must-do' for us, and to find such a gem of a building, in such a fabulous location made the decision to move a very easy one indeed!

We will be writing to all our Clients, Contacts and Stakeholders personally to let them know of the change, but please feel free to drop us a line via any of the means on our contact page with any comments or questions


welcome to YIB's new digital hub

After months of brainstorming, wrangling and discussion, the new YIB 'digital hub' launches and we couldn't be happier!

How and why YIB use the digital space was of paramount importance to us during the entire process of developing our new home, and we tried to always ask three questions of ourselves in everything we did:

  • Does it make our customers want to engage with us?
  • Does it make their contact with us more meaningful?
  • Does what we are doing add value to our overall service to our customers?

If the answer was yes to the three questions above, we did everything in our power to move the idea to a reality...

We hope you love everything about the new site (and please feel free to let us know if you DO), but we really do want your feedback on what you think of the site, good or bad. Large or small.

Drop us a line via any of the means on our contact page with your thoughts, comments and suggestions