Green. Our kind of colour...

There are things we can all do to help reduce our impact on the environment around us. Here are some of the things we are doing... From tiny acorns, mighty oaks will grow.

  • We work in an 'almost paperless' environment, using daily digital back-up of all information we hold. Whatever can be scanned or handled digitally will be.
  • We print only when it is a neccesity, and when it is, we use double-sided printing
  • We use local suppliers (as far as is possible) reducing the carbon footprint our business leaves
  • We recycle everything we can. Ink cartridges are recycled. All waste paper, envelopes, journals and cardboard is recycled. All plastics and glass are recycled.
  • We power down all non-critical electronic equipment overnight, every night. Nothing is left in 'standby' mode.